Aber series 1 no.8
Ink, watercolour, pencil, charcoal and gesso on paper
25 x 35cm
© Stephanie Tuckwell 2011


Drawing is at the core of my practice it is the conduit for my hand, sensibility and intellect.

My work is a response to movement through the landscape. It may be a glimpse from a train, a view from a mountaintop, being airborne in a glider, or standing on the edge of a cliff; I seek to arrive at an image that is a distillation of the experience of being present in the world at a particular moment. Just as the focus of my inspiration lies at the edges of the air, land and sea, my creative practice lies in the area between the intentional and incidental. Working at these edges demands a mind-full awareness and presence that embodies my experiences of the landscape.

For me, drawing is an activity analogous to music. I orchestrate fluid, sensory explorations of materials, graphite, charcoal, ink and gesso with the more static graphic language of sign and symbol. Using veils of paint, I create grounds and forms over which arrangements of marks dance across the surface and give a sense of time unfolding.

I like to work in series as it encourages my working methods to be swift and direct, shifting between each drawing, engaging in conversation, sometimes to linger and work intensely, other times to move on more rapidly.

Stephanie Tuckwell, December 2012



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