.003 section of the Earth,1950’s wood tripod, perspex and mirror
installation view, The Galway Arts Centre, 2012
© Siobhán McDonald 2012


My recent work focuses upon geological activity and phenomena through engagement with our understanding of time. I am interested in the changeable nature of landmass, historical events and their interconnection to deep time. My practice draws on making the invisible visible, by creating a tangible response to forces that are not immediately apparent, allowing me to map imperceptible movements of the Earth, subtly manifesting links to both physical locations and to particular moments in time. I have been developing a body of research which has taken me to Iceland where I have studied the diverse volcanic and glacialenvironments. The experience of working on site with an active volcano and scientific expeditions to the core, felt like travelling to the centre of the earth.

Siobhán McDonald, 2013




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