JOHN MOORE < Hood and landscape
Graphite on paper
68.5 x 101 cm
© John Moore 2010



The Graphite Drawings of John Moore

For thirty years Irish Artist John Moore has produced unique drawings using the simple materials of Graphite on paper. This approach has allowed him to explore various subjects in a visceral, physical way. Moore "sculpts" his images from the surface of the graphite using a variety of techniques. He erases, polishes, burnishes, blends, drags, sands, rips and scratches the deep black graphite to amazing effect.

His surfaces can be either matt and absorbing of light or highly polished to a pewter lustre. These shiny areas can reflect ambient colour like any mirror.

Moore has explored everything from large scale landscape to tiny intimate abstract surfaces. The Anatomies drawings of the mid 1990’s used a striking frottage method to record the walls of a 200 year old house. The later head drawings drag and spread the graphite and incorporate a variety of fixative sprays to stretch the material and create new surfaces.


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